Conservas Ecológicas de Calidad

We produce and preserve natural products

Natural products from Organic Farming

With the idea of  WE ARE THAT WE EAT, in our factory we transform the organic raw material which we grow: tomatoes, green peppers, courgettes, aubergines, onions, garlics, chickpeas, lentils… into delicious artisan preserves. It was a pity to only enjoy for a few months, such tasty and nutritious seasonal products often having to throw away or sell at a loss the surpluses that the earth gave us.
The process is very simple: we take care of every detail and remove any product which is not in its best condition, we made recipes like the ones at home, without preservatives or artificial colouring. These artificial substances are not necessary to ensure that the preservation is adequate and safe for the consumer. Our products have passed all the quality controls and Sanitary inspections as well as the controls set by the Organic Farming Committee of Madrid.


100% organic production

The Cachopo products are of necessary acquisition for all good food lovers. When you consume organic products, you are not only contributing to the benefit of your own health, but also to the conservation of the natural environment.

Toxic wastes free

The organic products are free from persistent toxic wastes from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, additives and preservatives, many of them used in conventional farming to eliminate insects or pests and fight diseases, which in the medium or long term can damage our body.

Our products have not artificial substances, so they can de correctly assimilated by body without altering the metabolic functions. According to nutrition specialists, most of the degenerative diseases have their origin in the food.

When the food is grown in soils balanced by natural fertilizers, the products are much more nutritious because they contain higher vitamin levels.

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