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From the field to the table

With sun, water, land and…. nothing else, we cultivate our raw materials to prepare traditional homemade recipes

Conservas Cachopo Cultivo de Alimentos Ecológicos

Pedro Martinez Robleño, founder of CONSERVAS CACHOPO, SL and oldest Ecological Farmer in the Community of Madrid (1994 to 2016)

Organic and Natural Products

Since the mid-nineties, the company AJOS CACHOPO, SL now called CONSERVAS CACHOPO, SL sold wholesale garlic, grown in large plots in the Community of Madrid, Castilla La Mancha, Andalucia and Extremadura. Conscious of the deterioration of the land because of the abuse of more profitable productions, we decided to abandon the large extensions to cultivate organic crops in smaller and closer plots of lands such as garlic, legumes and vegetables. We are the first farmer registered in CAEM (Organic Committee of Madrid). We were convinced that FOOD IS THE BASE OF OUR HEALTH and that through organic farming methods we can obtain raw materials of maximum quality.

“The consumption of organic products still has to grow a lot in Spain”

Pedro Martínez Robleño.

The idea of preserving all our products fresh came later. In 2002, we decided to expand the activity of the company and install a room for the preparation of vegetable preserves. It was a pity to only enjoy during a few months the seasonal products so tasty and nutritious discarding or “selling at a loss” the surpluses that the land gave us.
That way we could have traditional recipes in preserve, without the use of preservatives and nor artificial colouring, produced with seasonal raw material, of amazing quality and ORGANIC. In this way, in winter we make our vegetable preserves and in summer our ratatouilles and tomato sauces.

Ten years have passed, and the idea “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT” remains with great force in CONSERVAS CACHOPO, SL. Our concern to maintain a healthy diet, eating in any moment and with comfort, fresh products or preserves that guarantee a maximum nutritional value is our only objective..

Tomato Flower and Seals of ecological certificates

We are located in Colmenar de Oreja

Colmenar de Oreja, is a spanish municipality and town located on southeast part of the Community of Madrid. Located in region known as the “Las Vegas”.

Its extension is of 127 square km and with an estimated population of 8,127 habitants.

This area has good irrigation with the Tajo and Tajuña rivers because of which it is considered to have been populated from early. It is located 50 km from the capital of Spain. Having good communications through the A-3 highway to the M-404 and from there to M-303 road.

The town centre has been declared of cultural interest.

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